SF 10-2

SF 10-2

Franz Kleine SF 10-2 – High efficiency, high capacity, facilitation of sugar beets harvesting and gentle treatment of root crops are required by practice.

High efficiency, high capacity, facilitation of sugar beets harvesting and gentle treatment of root crops are required by practice. A completely new and improved sugar beet harvesting technique SF 10-2 with the intermediate hopper LS 16 and LS 25 clearly shows new advantages in comparison with common sugar beet harvesting systems. Easy control of the machine simplifies driver's work.

The top gathering machine and digger are designed as two separate blocks. The top gathering machine equipped with hydraulically controlled support wheels. The top cutter is equipped with a shaft for tops grinding, an auger, a topper and a trimmer mounted on the ski landing gear. Height adjustment and cutoff frequency depending on the distance between beetroots in the row and the level of roots on the earth's surface can be set by the driver from the cabin right away. The top gathering machine is unloaded thanks to the pressure accumulator. Thus, the front support wheels only probe the ground and do not go into it, for example in rainy weather and when the soil is wet.

Essential benefits brief SF 10-2

High performance: The winged rigid ploughshare is driven by a wobbler shaft and has 30 mm beacon effect both to the left and to the right. The number of revolutions of the conveyor shaft with hydraulic drive can be set according to the operational conditions of the machine. The development of asynchronous digger made it possible to keep the speed at a high level even in heavy soils, thus achieving high digging performance. The speed of digging during the tests increased by an average of 2 km/h. Adjusting the space between the rows from the cab of the machine makes SF 10-2 especially interesting for use not only when harvesting sugar beets in own fields, but also for providing services to other farms. It takes only a few seconds to rearrange the row spacing. Integrated elements: When setting or changing the row spacing, the winged rigid ploughshare and the top cutter blades are hydraulically reset, while the support wheels, automatic control and depth feelers, as well as the conveyor shafts are set manually with a couple of simple techniques.
Standard and efficiency: The shaft group and separating wheels clean the digged beetroots. The separating wheels drums with the diameter of 10 cm contribute to better throughput. This increases the area of the passage and the cleaning path of the beet up to 15%. These innovations provide high-performance when digging on wet soils without compromising the quality of cleaning. The cleaning intensity is increased by means of 5 separating wheels. The five-star SF 10-2 cleaning system works flawlessly and treats the beetroots carefully. Separated land is evenly distributed over the field. The shaft group and separating wheels are set in motion by a hydraulic drive, the number of revolutions is switched smoothly, continuously. The beetroots are always supplied into the hopper from the same low height, nomatter how full the hopper is. The capacity of the hopper is 15 m3. The elongated conveyor belt guarantees optimal reloading and clamp formation at the edge of the field. All SF 10-2 units are set in motion by the electric and hydraulic drive and serviced from the comfortable cabin of the harvester. The purposeful limitation of maximum weight of the machine and variable movement on the field are very beneficial to the structure of the upper fertile soil layer. The position of machines when using the production complex SF 10-2 and LS 16/LS 25 with continuous NON-STOP harvesting, helps to reduce the pressure on soil.
Optimal hopper filling Running at the elevator conveyor belt, the beets are cleaned, carefully missed through separating wheels of the cleaning rotor and then unloaded into the hopper of the harvester from the low drop height. Plastic catches mounted on the elevator belt are firmly fixed at the mounting points. The box-like areas between the grabs on the elevator belt guarantee the efficient, straight-line flow of root crops to the combine hopper. The frame of the cleaning rotor is equipped with automatic control and moves vertically. It guarantees the constant working height without a critical center of rotation. The technological operation of beets unloading is very simple. The highly positioned center of reloading belt rotation ensures efficient transfer of sugar beets to vehicles at low drop height. Thanks to its optimal size, the intermediate hopper serves as an intermediate link when replacing reloading vehicles.
Hopper: The hopper with a capacity of 15 m3 (at the request of the client it is possible to increase the volume to 17 m3) is unloaded during digging for 1 minute. The unloading height is from 2 to 4.2 m, the height change is steplessly variable. In addition, when digging longer runs, the vehicle can follow the SF 10-2 over a cleared area of the field. In operation, the SF 10-2 impresses with its high maneuverability, as well as high quality of the chassis and steering. The SF 10-2 owes its maneuverability primarily to its short base and large steering angle. The hydrostatic drive of the undercarriage with a three-stage gearbox allows to continuously adjust the speed of movement at each stage of the transmission. In addition to controlling the wheels of the rear axle when driving on the road, three control programs can be activated during digging by means of a graphical service terminal. They are steering with all-wheel drive, "dog run", manual control by means of a potentiometer. Light harvesterFor its class, the SF 10-2 is a real "lightweight". Thanks to this, as well as to its wide tires, the SF 10-2 exerts little pressure on soil, so it moves across the field without damaging it.
Ergonomically optimized workplace The soundproof cabin with a good view is as comfortable as possible for the driver. An ergonomically optimised work area with a good all-round view can be equipped with air conditioning. All main components of SF 10-2 are driven by power-controlled hydraulics, all components are equipped with the control system and displayed on the new color terminal with USB interface in the comfortable cabin. The software installed on the color terminal and control console provide various functions and can be adjusted accurately, which contributes to the operational reliability of the harvester, higher quality of the crop as well as lower fatigue of the driver. New USB flash memory makes it possible to import / export machine data and harvesting data according to international standards.

Technical parameters 10-2


10,40 m


3,35 m


4.00 m


16.850 kg

Engine Series

TWD 1240 VE, 6 cylinders, 12 l. Work volume, turbocharger, aftercooler, European standard EURO 2 275 kW (374 HP)

Engine Option

TAD 1251 VE, 6 cylinders, 12 l. Work volume, turbocharger, European standard EURO 3A 286 kW (390 HP)

The engine speed

1.400 – 1.700 rounds/min.

Diesel tank capacity

610 l.

Front axle

U-shaped axle (control of the trailer with a swivel cart)

Back axle

Fixed axle, suspended in swinging position with a hydraulic drive, steering with axle swivels

Front tires

710/70 R 38

Rear tires


The distance between the axes of wheel pairs

3.80 m

Motion drive

with 3-speed gearbox, the speed is shifted steplessly, forward, back 
1. speed 0-6 km/h 
2. speed 0-12 km/h
3. Speed 0-20 km/h

Drive mechanism

steplessly variable dependent on pressure

Control methods

the possibility of selecting the control mode for the front and rear axle (steering programming with all swivel wheels)

Row spacing

The standard is 45 cm,
Other distance is offered by additional options

Hopper capacity

15 m3 
On customer's request it is possible to increase the volume to 17 m3

Unloading height

from 2.00 m to 4.20 m
Two-stage height adjustment

Unloading width

1.40 m

Automatic control

copying probes (the signal is transmitted to the rear axle through the top cutter) Control probe (through the digger to the front axle)


The standard is 45 cm; Integral top cutter (see additional options)

Depth automation

electrical and hydraulic control

Hydraulic drive

shaft for tops grinding, auger, topper, digger, transport shafts, shaft group (reverse is available), Separating wheels (each wheel is adjusted individually), elevator, hopper auger, unloading conveyor, Sensor (proportional), incl. automatic switch, (the beginning of the field, the end of the run)

Comfortable cabin

driver's seat with air suspension, additional front seat, multi-function lever, BASIC-terminal sensor panel, control terminal, radio

Electrical facilities

24 Volt

Lighting according to

traffic rules
Optimal lighting for work in the field.

Centralized lubrication system

standard equipment


50 cm row spacing, 45/50 cm row spacing, integrated top cutter, soil leveler, climate set, xenon headlights, surveillance cameras, ejector, asynchronous digger 

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