RL 200

RL 200

Franz Kleine RL 200 – Incredibly high performance with RL 200

Incredibly high performance with RL 200 SF Maus: 300 tons of beets cleaned and loaded in one hour. The beets pick-up system is a three-section platform with eight meters grasp. The beetroots are picked up by finger-type and radial shafts and transferred inside the machine by four horizontal, counter-rotating shafts, from where they are further transported by six longitudinal transport and cleaning shafts. Hydraulically adjustable skids are installed on both sides of the pickup for its precise depth movement. The side cleats are also equipped with a hydraulic adjustment device to adapt to clamps size.

The stones caught in the rolls as well as other interferences are easily and quickly removed by the automatic reverse device. RL 200 SF picks up the remained beetroots with a special shaft that can move in three directions. The driver controls the shaft movement from the cab using a multi-functional lever. The rolls of beet pick-up device together with six counter-rotating, longitudinal shafts provide especially effective beetroots cleaning. Adhering soil is separated at the steps of conveyor elevators. Very wide 80 cm, 90 cm and 100 cm separating panels of elevators provide high productivity at low conveying speed to eliminate impact on the beetroots.

Essential benefits brief RL 200

High performance: RL 200 SF achieves impressive loading results of 300 tonnes per hour. The speed depends on how clean or dirty the beets are. It takes a few minutes to load 25 tons of beets into the tractor-trailer unit.
Better cleaning of beetroots: The batching valve above the longitudinal shafts is designed to slow down the flow of beetroots if there is too much soil on them. Thus, a better cleaning of beetroots is achieved. Besides, if there are frozen beets, the batching valve prevents the lumps of frozen soil and beetroots from entering the elevators. This prevents damage to the conveyor belts.
Long reloading conveyor: The serial version of RL 200 is equipped with a 13.20 m long reloading conveyor.
Adapted to different loading conditions: The multi-functional lever in the driver's cab helps to turn the main cantilever conveyor 180 degrees as well as raise and lower it. Thanks to these, it can be easily adapted to different loading conditions.
Excellent stability: Thanks to extremely low center of gravity and center of rotation of the reloading conveyor in the middle of the machine, KLEINE's has excellent stability. If a longer reloading conveyor is used, a hydraulically retractable counterweight is installed to compensate for the center of gravity.

Technical parameters of RL 200


11.45 m


3.11 m


4.00 m


19.800 kg


Daimler Benz OM 926 LA, 240 kW / 325 HP, EURO 3A

Tank capacity

1000 l of diesel fuel


Mechanically connected all-wheel drive with differential locks in the longitudinal and transverse directions, with pneumatic switching, permanent drive through the front axle. Turning angle of steered wheels: front 15°, back 40°. Rear-axle steering on the road.


Michelin 680/75 R 32

Running gear drive

Hydraulic, vario regulation from 0 to 3 km/h and from 5 to 20 km/h.


Transfer case with adjustable piston pump for receiving augers and conveyors, continuously adjustable piston pump to drive  running gear, gear pumps for the control system, oil reserve of 300 l, optional mineral oil, oil preheating device is included in the production model of the machine.

Beets pickup system

Three-section platform with 8 meters grasp, screw finger-type shafts, radial shafts and 4 screw shafts on the left and right, hydraulically adjustable skids, 6 longitudinal transport cleaning shafts in the middle.

Pickup of the last beetroots

In the production version: shafts rotating in three directions.


1. 1.00 m
2 wide belt conveyor. 0.90 m wide belt conveyor, connected to a rotary conveyor 
3. 0.80 m wide belt conveyor, with hydraulically adjustable end.

Reloading at distance

Max. 13.20 m, main boom conveyor rotates 180°

Reloading height

6.00 m max


Soundproof, swivel seat with built-in multi-function lever. Heating when the machine engine is not running in the production model.


Approx. 300 t/h or one tractor-trailer unit in 4-6 minutes.

Centralized lubrication system

In the production version


Weighing device 

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