LS 16

LS 16

Franz Kleine LS 16 – trailer loader is a simple and effective solution
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Properly built logistics of sugar beet harvesting is one of the important parts of farmer's successful work. LS 16 trailer loader is a simple and effective solution to optimize this process. It completely eliminates the machinery downtime, which is possible when the beets are transported by trucks. The loader follows the harvester when it is being filled and takes root crops. When trucks arrive, it takes the loader only 1.5 minutes to transfer the contents of the trailer into the body of the truck. Otherwise, it forms a clamp on the edge of the field. Non-stop transfer of root crops from the hopper of the harvester to the trailer loader increases productivity significantly.

Another important advantage of LS 16 trailer loader in comparison with a truck is the extent of impact on soil. High pressure brought by the truck when it enters the field affects negatively on the subsequent yield of cultivated crops. Unlike the specific pressure of a tractor or a harvester that has almost no impact thanks to wide-section tires, the pressure of a truck is many times higher than the permissible level. In rainy weather, skidding trucks break the track and destroy stubble integrity, which is the most important element of water retention. Besides, after this fields require levelling with additional cultivation or harrowing.

Essential benefits brief LS 16

High performance: 24 m3 hoppers can be unloaded for no more than 1.5 min. It is the highest speed for the machinery of this class.
Convenience: remote control of the loader - the driver can control the unloading process from the tractor cab.
Efficiency: thanks to its simple construction and high-quality materials, LS 16 trailer loader has low maintenance costs.
User-friendliness: in-house commissioning of trailers does not require the participation of highly skilled specialists, which makes it possible for agricultural enterprises to carry it out on their own.
Flexibility LS 16 can be aggregated with tractors regardless of their origin. In addition, we offer a set of adapters-nozzles for different types of PTO.
Effective workload: low axle load due to the low weight of trailers. Due to the use of wide tires, the topsoil is not damaged.
Additional cleaning during unloading:additional cleaning of roots at the rod conveyor. A high-efficiency auger installed in front of the unloading conveyor helps to prevent congestion during the roots transfer from the hopper to the belt.
Easy road travelling:stable frame design with optimal hopper dimensions, the discharge conveyor is easy to fold and secure.
Operation in the field:the unloading conveyor can be folded during the operation in the field. Thus, the beets can be transported without losses even to the most remote storage points, despite such possible interferences as: electrical cable, telephone cable, trees or shrubs.

Required tractor equipment

Tractor power from

120 kW

Power take-off shaft 

- 6-piece (standard)

- 8 and 21-piece (optional)

- 750 rpm 

Drawbar eye 

- diameter 50 (standard)

- diameter 80 (optional) 

Power Supply

-12 W

– beacon: 2-pole socket (cigar socket)   

– control panel: 3-pole socket

– bumper: 7-pole socket 

Technical parameters




tractor from 120 kW 

Unloading height, m

from 0.9 to 3.6 m 

Length, mm


Width, mm

road travel (working) 3040 (6640)

Height, mm

road travel (working) 3890 (4030)

Weight empty, kg


Maximum operating weight, kg


Road travel speed, km/h

up to 20

Working tools drive



- Running: 

- air-brakes 

- parking

- mechanical brakes



Tire pressure, MPa 0.28 MPa (2.85 kgf / cm2) 

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