Execution of steel structures

The industrial engineering center of FRANZ KLEINE company produces steel components and units according to client’s drawings and specifications, It also provides services for assembling and welding of complex items for different applications.

Execution of steel structures

For execution of steel structures there is used the equipment of the world's leading manufacturers, including DURMA (Turkey), MAXIGRAPH (USA), MIGATRONIC (EU), DEMMELER (Germany), Kaltenbach (Germany), ESAB (Russia), which ensures high accuracy. In accordance with technical documentation requirements, FRANZ KLEINE provides anti-corrosion treatment of steel structures as well as machining, plasma cutting, precise bending.

Thanks to many years of experience, professional staff and high-efficiency equipment, we guarantee the high quality of manufactured products.

Our clients are leading agricultural holdings, construction companies, industrial enterprises of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus.

DURMA AD-S hydraulic press brake

Hydraulic press brake DURMA AD-S is characterized by perfect accuracy and a high degree of automation of work processes. The AD-S press brake, thanks to the multi-variant use and the possibility of producing elements of any complexity, can be used in many different ways.

Technical parameters:
operating pressure - 320 tons
effective bending length - 4050 mm
column spacing – 3600 mm
operating speed of bending - 10 mm/s

CNC plasma and gas-fuel cutting machine (double-drive) MAXIGRAPH 4000 DD with plasma cutting system HYPERTHERM HPR-260

The machine is equipped with a double-sided rack-and-pinion drive. The base of the machine is equipped with a portal and a two-way drive. It is well balanced and very durable.

Neatly mounted longitudinal rail and stable drive unit ensure high precision and cutting quality. Maximum speed in fast travel mode is 15 m/min. Maximum cutting speed is 6 m/min.

Total rail length is 9,000 mm, useful rail length is 7,250 mm, useful surface width is 2,600 mm.

High-precision oxy-fuel cutting machine is equipped with high-speed tip with automatic ignition and capacitance height sensor. Cutting thickness is up to 50 mm.

DEMMELER 3D welding table

Welding tables are used to fix workpieces securely during welding with the help of a grid of holes and special clamping devices. Welding tables have a large load capacity and well tolerate the impact of the welding arc. The use of tie bolts, stops, squares and clamps on the welding table allows it to be used as a universal welding conductor. Tables have five useful (fixing) surfaces.

Tables can expand in all directions.

KASTO Functional A bandsaw

Technical parameters: Diameter of cross-section: 280 mm.

Height of table: 700 mm

Cutting speed: 19- 100 m/min

KALTENBACH circular saw

Technical parameters:

Saw blade diameter - 350 mm

Diameter - 120 mm

Sawing speed 1,250 m/min

WAGNER bandsaw

Technical parameters: Diameter of cross-section: 500 mm.

Height of table: 700 mm

Cutting speed: 20 - 100 m/min